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A Message from Dr. Landers
The term comprehensive care accurately describes the approach I take with every person and it begins the moment you contact my office. You may find it surprising that the goal of that initial contact is not to schedule you for a visit. Rather, it is to gather sufficient information from you to customize that first visit for maximum effectiveness. Your unique circumstance will indicate the use of different types of diagnostic modalities, which I want to have prepared when you arrive. The information needed to do that is reviewed by all of us here and you are promptly re-contacted to schedule your initial visit.

The initial examination begins in my private office where you and I will review the information you have provided, discuss your prior dental experiences and any ongoing concerns you may have. This permits me to refine my prescription for that visit as regards the records that will be needed to finalize the diagnostics. An intraoral camera is utilized during the initial examination to allow you to see what I see and to help you understand what should and could be done from an oral health and cosmetic perspective. Typically, the new patient experience is two to two and one half hours in length.

After this visit I will thoroughly study the results of our meeting and test possible solutions on diagnostic models of your teeth and jaws. These tests are vital to the outcome of treatment - it is from them that I determine which possibilities hold the most promise for you. Once my study is complete I will provide you with a written summary of my findings and recommendations as well as the associated costs. Then, depending upon your personal preference, we will schedule you for a follow up consultation or to initiate treatment.

Treatment begins with a personal review of the diagnostics that led us to that point and every aspect of your care is tailored specifically to your unique needs and desires. If time is an important consideration, even complex reconstructions can often be accomplished in two or three visits. In other instances it may be more important to complete the reconstruction in phases in order to budget costs.

At all times your priorities are paramount. You are the captain of the ship; I am the navigator, advisor and facilitator that will get you to your destination.

~Larry E. Landers, D.D.S.

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