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The Science Behind Your Smile - Case Study


Long lasting cosmetic enhancements are derived from an abiding respect for the physiologic environment in which they must function on a day-to-day basis. Thus, before any definitive restoration is put to place, the restoration possibilities are tested on models of the patient's teeth using instrumentation that mimics the muscular function of that particular patient in moving their jaws.

Teeth Models  
Shaping Teeth Models

In order to understand the role that jaw muscles play in shaping teeth models must be accurately mounted on an instrument that has been customized to reproduce the jaw movements unique to each individual.


Teeth ModelsRestorative solutions of every description can then be put to the test on a series of models to find out what is - and what is not - achievable for maximum comfort, function, and aesthetics.


Teeth ModelsThe information gained from this process then becomes the blueprint for treatment, yielding an advance look at the predictable outcome.


Family treatmentThe steps required to "restore" the models dictate the steps applied in actual treatment, allowing Dr. Landers to customize the treatment plan to timetables, phases, and costs convenient and appropriate to each person.


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